Wednesday, September 21, 2005

this little piggy

Today's story is The Three Little Pigs. I realize that this in fact does not jive with the title of this post, but I couldn't come up with enough piggy tales to use the This Little Piggy nursery rhyme, so let's just go with The Three Little Pigs metaphor, okay? Okay, so back to the little pigs. Oh, and just another side note: there will be no Big Bad Wolf in this rendition, not even a cameo appearance. Unless the Big Bad Wolf is blogger, which forbade me to access my own freaking blog all day yesterday. Which is another story entirely, so back to the little pigs we go. Ah look, forget it. The whole "Three Little Pigs" thing was just a feeble attempt to tie 3 totally unrelated items together in some type of allegorical context, but I'm brain-farting and sleep-deprived, so let's just pretend I managed to do the aforementioned with some amount of wit and finesse.

So, on to the first pig of the day! Since I wasn't able to blog yesterday, I was actually able to get a good amount of knitting done yesterday. (Note to self) This is a cell phone cozy from SNBN. Such a cute and fun pattern by the very talented mizuna. And YES, it's supposed to be a pig. I was all proud thinking it was a really cute pig, till the DH (thank you, Miss Spazzitron for inciting further insight into the versatility of this acronymn :-)) said that he thought it was an owl. And Bossy Boots piped in, saying he thought it was a cat. I know I picked up the ear stitches in the wrong spot, but who woulda thunk such a minor anatomical misplacement would make such a big deal? Apparently, animals can jump whole phyla with one minor rearrangement! Good to know.

On to the second pig of the day! Or piggies in plural, rather. Specifically, Bossy Boots' little piggies. Here is the majority of the first sock, modeled by Bossy Boots himself. Which was no small feat for a 3 year old in light of the still-connected-to-the -dpns-status. This was done in Brown Sheep Wildfoote in the Tom Cat colorway. (Yep, Keohinani, from the awesome Big Island Bernina!) Call me antiquated, call me a dinosaur, but I'm really, really not too fond of the whole toe-up sock thing. Maybe it's the pattern, I'm really not sure. This pattern is one I found on Elann's site...someone suggested trying Wendy's toe-up sock pattern before going back to my old ways. Then again, I've also read that 2 circs or Magic Loop is the way to go, but here I am, still using the obsolete dpns. Got to come into the millenium, I know.

And the third and last little pig is an imaginary piggy. I was watching an obscenely strange cartoon on PBS this morning called, "Jakes! the Adventures of Piggly Winks." And the whole time, all I could think (besides good God, what the hell were those people smoking when they created those demonic animated pigs??!) about was the awesome aran sweater Piggly Winks was wearing. Demented, yes? You know you would've been thinking the same thing.

And that, my friends, is the end of my tale. Except for the epilogue, in which the demented author writes that she is currently fielding suggestions for the Shimmer lace-weight yarn formerly known as Kiri. Ideas, anyone?


keohinani said...

you ever read the comic Pearls Before Swine? i love that comic. your cell phone cozy reminds me of the pig in that comic strip. that was the first thought that came to mind when i saw your piggy.
once you go to two circulars for socks, there's no turning back to dpn's. well, that's not totally true. i go back to it whenever i run out of circulars to make socks with...fancy that.
your sock's looking very nice :) props to BB for modeling!
hmmm...can't think of anything for the shimmer off the top of my head. i get distracted just looking at the pretty colors. hehe. i'll probably come back to it after i consult my "library."

rayleen said...

I love your pig! Wow, I didn't think it would look so cute, I'm gonna have to check out my SnB book now.

I'm also looking for suggestions for my KnitPicks Shimmer. I think I'll make something for Mom out of it...but what??

Karen said...

Of course the cell phone cozy is a pig - I knew it right off. DH and Bossy Boots don't know a good pig when they see one. (Uhrm, that didn't come out sounding quite right)

And in regards to the comment you left on my blog -AAAAAHHHHH, ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Your DH met the whole cast of Lost? Even Sayid? (mmm, Sayid, he's yummy . . but don't tell Sweetpea I said so . . .) I am so jealous!! We don't get anyone good in Connecticut.

ps: my fake cliff-hanger isn't all that exciting . . . to anyone but me . . .I'm now allowed to announce that my BFF is pregnant with her second baby. :) Can't wait to knit little bitty baby stuff.

Acornbud said...

Kiri is sure and yummy color. Why not more socks? Your piggy is very cute!

myra said...

Love the piggy cell phone cozy! I really wish I could figure out how to knit.