Monday, September 26, 2005

finger lickin' good

Valentine's Day, 2004. While I can no longer recall the actual pain of the contractions or delivery, I can remember every conversation and every image during those last few hours prior to Sister Stinky's arrival. And what remains most emblazoned in my memory is the loving image of my mother. Unable to attend Bossy Boots' birth, my mother was determined to witness gender-unknown-baby-#2's arrival. What more intimate experience could a mother and daughter have than to welcome a precious new life together? When contractions began on Valentine's morning, my mom dropped everything and immediately boarded a plane, hoping to arrive before Stinky. She did, and I was so grateful, knowing what comfort her presence would bring.

...You knew this couldn't be just a sappy birth story, right?

I called my midwife when contractions were 3 minutes apart, and we checked into the hospital. She told me that I was 7-8 cm dilated and that labor was progressing very well. Which translated roughly into: "What do you MEAN it's too LATE for drugs?! NO DRUGS??! Are you freaking SERIOUS?! Who wrote that crazy crap in my birth plan?! Don't you tell me to breathe- YOU breathe!" And in the midst of transition, when contractions were peaking less than a minute apart, when I thought I couldn't possibly bear it anymore, I opened my eyes to look over to my mother for support. And there I found her in the corner of the room, stuffing her face with none other than the Colonel's own extra crispy, asking my sister where the coleslaw was. Asking my sister WHERE THE COLESLAW WAS.

Coleslaw has since become a code phrase in our house, and while I never let my mom live this down, she truly deserves to be canonized. The woman raised 4 kids and managed to maintain her sanity. (This is questionable, but that is a topic for another post.) I am only too happy to be able to knit her socks and other secret Christmas items! And on that note, here is a completed Go With the Flow sock. A really quick knit that energizes you to cast on for the second sock. I admit that I temporarily wavered when I thought about the coleslaw, but nonetheless cast-on for the second. With any luck, there will be a completed pair in a few days. I also cast-on for SNB's Under the Hoodie with Elann Peruvian Highland Wool. It was actually the first project I'd planned and ordered yarn for when I learned to knit back in April. Amazing how knitting has taken on a life of its own in these past 5 months! I didn't want to put the hoodie on the wayside any longer, so I'm giving it a go.

As for KFC, well, it's never quite held the appeal that it used to. And in case you were wondering, no, I don't know where the mashed potatoes are, either.


Acornbud said...

Wow, great coleslaw story! I personally found childbirth birth pain to be underestimated, and so relentless, heh. But then you get a nice baby at the end:)

I love your socks. I have yet to knit even one pair, but I'm inspired to give it a try. Do you use #1 or #2 needles?

keohinani said...

hahaa!!! coleslaw, huh? i never really liked coleslaw. but i don't think i'll ever think of it the same way now that i've read your post.
who eats when someone's having a baby, anyway? i mean, i know you can get really hungry, but still... when i was in the hospital room while my SIL was giving birth to my nephew, food was the last thing on my mind. i guess if you've had 4 already, it's not that big a deal. hehe.
nice sock modeling, btw :D

Becky said...

Oh that cole slaw story is just too funny. It especially made me smile because when I was pregnant with my first child, KFC is what I had cravings for....not just the chicken but the whole deal...the chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, biscuit and yes, cole slaw. Omg..I think I ate it every day for 4 straight months and once I had her I couldn't stand to look at it for a while LOL.

Thank you for the comments on my blog! Your socks are great too!

myra said...

Hee hee! Maybe she was eating to keep her strength up? :)

Gorgeous gorgeous socks!

Lolly said...

Coleslaw! That story is TOO funny, Chris!! just what I needed this morning ;)

and your sock is lovely!

Jen said...

I'm laughing out loud about the coleslaw. My mom would do the same thing but have absolutely no remorse afterwards. She's a subscriber to the tough love theory of parenting.

No original recipe for you anymore???

beavergurl76 said...

In my defense, you were so calm that I didn't realize Miss O was coming so soon. It didn't look like you needed us for anything, so we ate, haha. I wanted to brag that for my next fiber project, we need to dye a square of cotton cloth in indigo. If you have any cotton yarn, I don't see why I can't dye that at the same time too. Or even better, you can come along and dye it yourself! I'll probably be doing it next weekend. Let me know if you'd like to join me!

rayleen said...

LOVE the socks!! Beautiful pattern and yarn!

And the coleslaw...hehehehhehehe