Wednesday, September 28, 2005

baby got back?

Baby got back? Why yes, I do. A more than ample share, I might add, which is a good thing when your life seems to constantly unfold like an SNL skit. Like in 11th grade, at my junior piano recital. For weeks I practiced and prepared, psyching myself up for this recital. After 8 years of blood, sweat and tears, I was finally one of the big wigs among Mrs. Miyasato's piano students. One of the ones the younger kids hoped to play like when they grew up. One of the ones the parents pointed at, admonishing their kids to practice hard so they could play like "that girl." My piece was showcased in the finale. Hands clammy, heart racing, I walked up the stairs to the stage and proceeded to take my seat at the grand piano. Deliberately inhaling and exhaling, I slowly closed my eyes and channelled Bach Invention in F Major for all I was worth. Even in practice, I had never executed it as flawlessly as I did that evening. As I lifted my hands from the keyboard after the final note, heady exhiliration left a silly grin on my face. I could hear the applause and whistles, and I willed myself to wipe the stupid smirk off my face before turning around to take my bow. Apparently, I was concentrating too hard, because I failed to remember those same stairs I'd climbed to reach the stage.

Ohhhhh yeah.

Slid like a landslide down those same 3 steps on my big fat derriere and flew right into the first row of the audience. Right into the lap of Mr. Tachibana, my world history teacher. In one fell swoop, the roaring applause had turned to deafening silence. Clearly in shock, I managed to quickly assess the situation and decided to effect damage control. I stayed down. Which was a good move, because instead of pointing and laughing, everybody became concerned that I was seriously injured. Which I assured them I wasn't, but only after a good few seconds had passed for maximum damage control. Luckily, I'm a quick thinker on my back.

But baby's got another back here, this time in reference to SNB Under the Hoodie. Well, an almost-back. I have another 3 inches to go before I bind-off for the hood. And yes, these pics are brought to you once again by the trusty 60-watter night lamp. The real color is somewhere in between these 2 pics, one taken with and the other without flash. Not that it really makes a difference, since both look pretty crappy. I promise to take better pics during the day! This hoodie is moving along surprisingly fast. I thought I'd get bored with all the stockinette, but I'm finding it really therapeutic.

So, what's the moral of the story, folks? When in doubt, stay down. It's a good save.

But not as good a save as Mr. Tachibana!


Lolly said...

Oh!!! I have been there, girlfriend! I fell off the stage during a play when I was in middle school. Yes, awkward crazy middle school! In front of about 300 of my mean little peers. I think you handled it well though! Gosh, that sure is funny. Thank goodness for the "back padding" though... you may have broken something had it not been for that!

Hoodie is so cute! will it get cool enough for you to wear it in Honolulu?

Take care~

Karen said...

Love the "back", baby!!! (The hoodie . . . although I'm sure you have quite the fine behind too). I may have to try one myself . . . never thought I was a hoodie kind of gal, but yours and the one on the blue blog are making me reconsider. Love the colors you chose.

From, Your Kindred Clutz

Acornbud said...

Wow, you have made really good progress on that hoodie! Great color, too.

Another great story! Glad to hear ample backs come in so handy. You are a quick thinker! I'll have to remeber that "When in doubt, stay down."

myra said...

Ouch! But what a great save!

My mom signed me up for modeling classes when I was 13 and on graduation day in front of all the parents I fell off the catwalk. "When in doubt, stay down" would have definately helped to make the situation less humiliating.

I love the colors for your hoodie. Pinks and reds are my favorites!

keohinani said...

wow, you were right about the color. the photos don't do it justice. your hoodie looks great! and i've never seen anyone knit so fast...what is it, english style? something...i forget. but i'm so used to knitting continental. it was refreshing to see someone knit non-continental. that was a great meeting yesterday! i hope i can go to more. it was great to meet you!