Tuesday, September 06, 2005


As promised, here are the pics of the mini-sweater. Taking a self-portrait proved more difficult than I'd anticipated, not for the obvious reasons, but because the kids kept trying to figure out ways to include themselves in the picture. I finally gave up and told them they could each take a picture by themselves, much to their delight. So here are some gratuitous shots of the kids and the knitting. For some odd reason, they really enjoy parading around in things I've knit. Which makes me secretly happy, I must admit. (Except for the time when they marched around with a handbag around their heads. That was a little strange, even for me.) I deviated from the pattern a bit more and placed the button further in on the right side (it's supposed to be at the edge), but given the length of this mini-sweater, it just seemed to match better. And yes, I'm well aware that the stitches look uneven and gnarly, but that's what you get for using really low-end acrylic. On top of that, the suffering is eternal since I can't block it and make it all better. Ah well, all the better for serving as a reminder of my slum-lord experience. I'm going to make it out of this ghetto, I swear!

It might be said that I am a frugal (but not cheap!) shopper. (I prefer "discerning," but whatever.) I feel a very visceral thrill in getting things for the absolute best deal that nobody thought was possible. (This might be why Christmas shopping is a 5 month ordeal for me.) So imagine the tingle that ran through my veins when I found this treasure at the Friends of the Public Library book sale last month! I spied it in a box on the craft book table and swooped down like a bird of prey. Time to drool ladies, because this, too, could have been yours for the unbelievable price of a buck seventy-five. Yes, $1.75!! I'd been coveting this book for quite some time, and it was well worth digging through the decades of dust in the box to find. I love Elizabeth Zimmermann's wit and confidence in every person's ability to master knitting. Which is just the pick-me-up I needed to re-start the Padded Footlets. Again. Had to frog. Again! But thanks to EZ, no tears here...just a lot of choice expletives.


Acornbud said...

The sweater came ou really nice, more like the ballet wrap with the button placement. I've printed out the pattern in case I want to knit on the road. Your little models are precious!
And....color me green, over the great find! Lucky you!

keohinani said...

the kiddies are ADORABLE! a decent source of reading material such as that for $1.75 is a treasure indeed! ah jealousy; 'tis the green-eyed monster that doth mock the meat it feeds. i can't wait for borders pearlridge to open.
acrylic or no, fabulous job on the minisweater! i've been contemplating that minisweater for quite some time. it's on my list of things to do.
so which acrylic might this be?
oh, and i'm pretty sure my bf has that same kms hairstay gel...the one in the upside-down lavender bottle shown in the reflection. haha. good stuff, that.

candsmom said...

The acrylic is the very worst kind. I can't even bear to write out the brand, I'm so ashamed. RH. Need I say more? :) And yes, that's KMS gel...the DH's one, no less! (And they say women spend too much on cosmetic/hair stuff!)

keohinani said...

actually, RH is very good for pom-poms. stiff enough to hold its shape & in lots of colors. i do believe i've found a decent use for acrylic...though i can't yet justify making just pom-poms out of those super saver sized skeins. that's a LOT of pom-poms.
oh, before i forget...
*tag* you're it. you've been tagged with a meme. questions are on my blog. enjoy!

knittinmom said...

Love the sweater, even if it is knitted out of evil acrylic... At least it's machine washable, right? And it looks great on your kids. They are too cute!