Thursday, September 01, 2005

nasty acrylic

So I started knitting Glampyre's Boobholder, with a few modifications. No, my boobs are not THAT droopy, thank you, I just wanted a little more of the REST of my front (and back) to have some coverage. So I added a couple more rows to the body to make it a little more mini-sweater-y and a little less boobholder-y. I just need to do the sleeves and then I can bask in its warmth with Tattoo. (Please kindly refrain from saying, "What the hell are you talking about?" if you're too young to appreciate the reference. Have some respect for your elders, dammit.) Notice that I didn't say what I knit it out of? I'm ashamed, very ashamed. But I really liked the color and was trying to use stuff from my stash, and.... (yeah, keep blubbering you sorry-ass-excuse-for a-knitter). Yes, it's acrylic, and it's made my carpal tunnel flare up, so I've already reaped what I've sown. 'Nuff said about that.

In happier news, (though I must confess this again involves some acrylic, but it's for a good cause, I swear) after much strife and tribulation, my friend, Ali, is finally expecting a second child! Her son and my son were born 4 days apart (they're 3 years old now), and we frequently get sappy about our serendipitous meeting in Bradley birth class. Through the years, we've been through sleepless nights, nursing horror stories, terrible twos and terrible threes (there'd better not be a terrible fours. There can't be, right? 'Cause there's no alliteration there. It would be so wrong!) together, and she's become one of my very best friends. I am ecstatic that she's expecting, and though she's only 14 weeks along, this baby already has two knitted items, with a ton more in the queue! ( 7 months is a looong time to knit!) On my recent trip, I finished this baby kimono from IK Summer '05. (Man, I am getting some seriously good mileage out of that issue, huh?) Okay, it's acrylic, but it's acrylic with a purpose. Second baby, can you say machine washable and dryable all the way? It's no masterpiece, but hopefully it'll look better once I take care of the loose ends. Oh, and seam up the sides and add the cute ribbon embellishment. Okay, so it's not really done at all, so just humor me. The only thing about this kimono is that I cast on for the newborn size, but I swear, this thing is gi-normous! It's too big for my daughter, and she's 18 months old! Ah well, that gives her baby that many more months' worth of opportunities to spit up all over it.

While on my trip, my baby sis, the BFA major, made me some beautiful stitch markers. Well, she made me buy the beads, but she supplied all the talent. She can be kind of a mercenary that way, but hey, that's how sisters are. Yes, I'm subjecting you again to my classic one over exposed and one under exposed shot, asking you to extrapolate and arrive at some construct of actual color. I think my fave is the crystal with the helical twist... it must be all those semesters of micro and Watson and Crick creeping into my subconscious. Now if I could only get her to make me many, many more... Hint! Hint! Hmm, looks like I'll have to do some work on my Jedi mind trick. Then again, there's always cinnabons and chai.


beavergurl76 said...

Mercenary, eh? I guess so--I'll gladly make you more stitchmarkers if you can get me out to that Ben Franklin with all the beads! Haha...But I have to at least start on my tunic and bag first. I haven't had any free time yet. BTW, were you able to print out the referral form for work? You should come visit with the kids after your class. Everyone would love to see you!

Acornbud said...

Oooh, love those stitch markers! They are addicting.
Lovely shade of red for the th booby holder, oops, I mean mini sweater, too.

keohinani said...

hi chris!

nice to meet you :) yes, i am aware of and have signed up to be part of the Honolulu SnB group. however, i have kind of a hectic schedule and cannot manage to make it out there when the group meets. one day...*sigh* but thank you for your comment on my blog! you're the first one! not counting the spammer i got on my first post...oy. those are some awesome stitch markers, too! i'd be so worried i'd smoosh them out of shape somehow. i'm interested to see how your minisweater turns out in acrylic.