Thursday, September 08, 2005


Keohinani told me that I'm *IT* (which brings up scary post-traumatic nightmares about the book and movie; see, I told you stream-of-consciousness is really scary with me. Literally, even!)

ten years ago: I hope I don't have any senior moments while trying to recall my youth here. :-P Let's see...I was 22 and teaching adults with developmental disabilities at Easter Seals. Was considering a second degree (first one was in speech pathology). Just finished my first (and only) half-marathon.

five years ago: I was 27 and just got engaged (to my husband...sorry, no juicy story here!). Busy planning (and saving) for our wedding; folding gold origami cranes like crazy! Working as a speech therapist for special ed kids in Department of Education. Just finished a second (useless) degree, this time in microbiology.

one year ago: Just had our second child, Sister Stinky (and yes, I know that the kind of really cruel nickname that sticks with a child for life, but unfortunately, she answers when you call her, "Stinky," so what you can do, really?) Wondering if I would ever have more than 2 hours of sleep at a time (fast forward to the present: still wondering!) Decided to work on another (and dammit, this one better not be useless!) degree, this time in education. (Do you see the perpetual student theme here? This time around, my parents simply asked me in a very monotone way, "What's it going to be this time." [No question mark because it was that monotone])

five snacks: Just five?! If there were a 12-step program, I'd be the first to deny that I had a problem!
-butter popcorn with arare (mochi crunch)
-Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch
-tortilla strips with salsa (and lots of cilantro!)
-shortbread cookies
-chocolate chip cookies

five songs I know all the words to: Now everyone will know me for the old-fart dork I really am, so I might have to kill everyone after this, bwahaha!
-Time and Tide, Basia
-Simple Pleasures, Basia
-The Reason, Celine Dion
-Anything Can Happen, Linda Eder
-Every %^*&@* song on PBS Kids!! (I told you I'm a tortured SAHM- try falling asleep at night when you have the theme song from Barney running through your head, again and again and....Oh wait? Is that the baby crying....AGAIN?!)

five things I would do with $100 million:
-pay off student loans, car loan, my parents' mortgage
-Set aside money for the kids' education (but the plan is not to tell them so that hopefully, they'll be industrious and earn lots of scholarships) and for retirement
-Buy homes for all my siblings and for ourselves
-Give ridiculous amounts of money to Red Cross, Salvation Army, St. Jude Childrens Hospital, MDA, Shriners and all the other organizations we never give enough to
-Buy a second home for all the YARN I intend to order!!

five places to run away to:
-greece(I have a very active imagination. Probably because I'm perpetually sleep-deprived)
-italy (see note above)
-hiking atop Wa'ahila Ridge on O'ahu
-city of Bath in England, one of the most beautiful places I've been
-Bird Park in Volcanoes National Park

five things I would never wear:
-shoulder pads. I already lived through the '80's once, and it ain't good if you're broad to begin with
-Neon green. Neon anything. I already lived through the '80's once!
-Animal prints. They're cute on others; I look like I body-swapped with a savannah creature.
-Stirrup pants. (Say it with me now, I already lived through the '80's once!!)
-Jelly shoes. You know the mantra by now. In total hypocrisy, however, I would dress my daughter in said shoes.

five favorite tv shows:
-closet American Idol fan (whoops, I guess I'm outted now)
-NHK Taiga dramas
-Knitty Gritty
-Barefoot Contessa (Food Network. That lady can cook!)

five biggest joys:
-Mr. Ace and Sister Stinky (the dynamic duo) and my husband
-being with my whole family in Hilo
-the holiday season
-girls night out, an all too uncommon occurrence, unfortunately.

favorite toys:
-Chutes and Ladders, Candyland....oh wait, do you mean adult toys?! (don't own any of those either. ;-)
- french-press coffee maker (sad, isn't it, the kind of life I lead?)
-Williams-Sonoma cookie cutters (refer to above)
-Crabtree and Evelyn pumice brush. Which broke when it fell into the tub. Which really depresses me, so let's stop talking about it, shall we?
-YARN, bamboo needles, birch needles, stitch markers...

five people to pass this on to: ummm, I really don't know anyone other than Aloha & Oreos and Acornbud. I usually just make it a practice to lurk around and stalk other bloggers' blogs, rather than scaring them off by introducing myself.
acornbud can I double tag?? Making up the rules as I go along...
starvingprintmaker because she's my younger sister and younger sisters always do what you tell them to. (Can you feel my Jedi mind trick going?)
moahawaii because he's my DH and DH's always do what you tell them to. (See above) Even though I know he won't because his blog is work-related
akamai knitter because she's the first friend I made at Honolulu SNB
the filthy martini because she's a sweetie from Honolulu SNB


Sue said...

absolutely love ER.... can't wait for the season premier 21st!!

keohinani said...

sister stinky!? ahaha! that's the funniest thing i've ever heard! my nephew answers to "fatso" because i kept calling him that during the "michelin baby" stage.
thanks for the support, btw! i happened to check LCC's curriculum; mom was right (as usual). so it's already starting to look promising. yay!
you're starting on the kiri shawl, i see. how exciting! what are you making it out of? i'm not much of a shawl person--only because i don't own nor have i started making a shawl. i think what intimidates me about those is blocking. i've never blocked anything...and never really made anything that required blocking. oy.
my knitting to-do list just keeps getting longer. must be some sort of project envy you get from seeing other knit bloggers working on fantastic projects.

keohinani said...

sorry, don't mean to make you jealous :( i just have a huge lack of project-related content so i have to find something knit-ish to blog about. i figure if i'll be surfing blogs anyway, i might as well write something to better my blogger skills; still trying to figure out formatting on this thing.

Karen said...

Hi, OMG, you put French-Press Coffee Maker as one of your favorite toys!!! I was SO PISSED that I filled out my meme and didn't think to list my French-Press Coffee Maker as either one of my favorite toys, or even, dare I say it, one of the five biggest joys!!!! It's Saturday morning here, I'm sitting with my French-Pressed Hazelnut coffee, doing some reading on blogs I've recently discovered - and yours is awesome. I love your writing, I am totally LMAO. :)