Tuesday, October 11, 2005

show proof!

As kids, we frequently used the phrase, "Show proof!", demanding material evidence to substantiate whenever anyone made a preposterous claim. Many a time have I flashed the contents in my mouth to "show proof" in response to some double dare to eat some random combination of mud, insects and glue that my sister, Fredo had concocted. Occasionally, my parents would require us to "show proof" of consumption, but more along the sublime line of broccoli and brussel sprouts. Once, when I was 7, Fredo and I were bathing in the tub, as was our usual routine. I suddenly yelled to my mom that I wanted out immediately. From the kitchen, she said that I was to stay put with Fredo. I told her that Fredo had done something VERY BAD. Mom kept countering that she didn't think so. Whining turned to crying and finally, to hysterics. Annoyed as hell, mom stomped and slammed her way into the bathroom and demanded that I "show proof." She didn't have to look very far, for as Fredo and I huddled in the corner of the tub, bobbing freely about in circles in the bathwater was Fredo's long, intact and quite buoyant excrement. I'm sure the expletive in my mom's mind accurately captured the essence of the situation.

So here I am, being asked to "show proof" yet again, though this time, it's self imposed. When last we met, our heroine had been relegated to a dark corner, relinquished of all posting ability until she had a completed hoodie to show. So without further ado (and mostly because narrating in third-person creeps me out), I present to you SnB Under the Hoodie!!!
SnB Under The Hoodie
Knit with Elann Peruvian Highland Wool, in Clay, Orchid and Fuschia on Size 5 circ needle
Started: Sept 28, 2005 Completed: October 10, 2005

It looks a little like a creepy headless Kenny, huh? I promise to post finished, post-blocking, non-headless pics later this week. I will admit to having a couple of nervous moments. Like when I realized that I had 5 inches left on the hood....in addition to 18 inches on sleeve#2 that I had managed to trick myself into forgetting about. I feared my posting days would become a memory of the past. But I plugged on...even through the seaming, which SUCKED!!! Mostly because I suck at seaming, which I never fully realized until this sweater. Seaming took a LOT longer than I'd anticipated, which was a huge female dog. Not of Saint Bernardian proportions (recall Padded Footlet?); but perhaps Great Dane-ian would be fairly accurate. I'm cheating a little, because there are about 500 loose ends that still need to be woven in, and it clearly needs some aggressive blocking, but .... for all intents and purposes, It's Done! And added bonus: It fits!! It's so warm and comfy, I just know I'm going to find and/or create any excuse to wear it. Hooray!!! Now I can revel in all the Socktober festivities with a clear conscience (and warm hoodie, to boot!). Hand me those DPNs, 'cause I got nothin' but socks on the brain!!!

And what's that old adage? The proof is in the pudding? ....Guess that all depends on how one defines "pudding!"


Acornbud said...

Wow so real and beautiful AND it fits!! A winning combination. Loved the turd story, too, heh. Hope that earned your future cries more credibility with mom.

Lolly said...

ewww! yuck! funny story though!

Love the hoodie! Yes, we definitely need a model shot of that baby! I love the pink/red combo.

Yea Socktober! :)

Jen said...

OK, officially grossed out now. Still funny in that American Pie sort of way.

The pink and red looks great together, and congrats on getting past the procrastination and finishing it, seams and all! Don't you wish it'd just weave itself in?

Jen said...
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knittinmom said...

Too funny! Sydney did that once to my (childless) brother-in-law...he was absolutely horrified. He wasn't IN the tub with her, lucky for him.

I love the hoodie! It looks so snuggly. Great job!

myra said...

Oh dear, what a story! Remind me to thank my mom for never bathing me with my brothers!

Congratulations on finishing your hoodie! It's simply gorgeous! And I am so jealous because: a) its my favorite color combo b) its my favorite article of clothing - a hoodie!

Wear it proudly, great job! :)

Karen said...

Thank goodness I always had solo baths growing up . . . I guess becuase I just had a brother - no sisters, which you are helping me realize was a good thing. The hoodie came out wonderful!! Can't believe it's your first sweater . . . be very very proud of yourself.