Wednesday, October 05, 2005

the good, the bad and the lost

The good. (Can you hear the Western whistle?)

Lots of progress on Under the Hoodie, thanks to some recent obsessive-compulsive instruction reading. The front is officially finished, as is the better part of one sleeve. Since I'm pretty vertically challenged, I made a couple of modifications to ensure I didn't wind up with Washoe length sleeves. One more sleeve and a hood and I'm done. I'm soclose to finishing my first sweater that I can actually taste it!

You knew something had to go wrong, didn't you??

The bad. (Ominous Western whistle, sans Clint Eastwood cameo)

So I'm looking at the orchid pink yarn that I used to make sleeve #1, and as I merrily knit along, it slowly occurs to me to question how much yarn I need for sleeve #2. In denial, I brush off the nagging, haunting suspicion that I don't have anywhere near enough of this orchid pink yarn. A quick calculation threatens my tenuous hold on sanity. If marginally-holding-on -to-her-marbles-knitter uses 1.75 balls of yarn for sleeve #1 and has only 1.25 balls of aforementioned contrasting color B yarn left to complete sleeve #2, what is the probability that said knitter will have to go medieval on remaining knitting? I don't need to do any two-tailed t tests to know the answer to that. Sigh. Ever the delusional optimist, however, I somehow believe that everything will work out in the end...even if it means having Ewok sleeves.

The Lost.

I've been blog reading, and it seems that a lot of you (this one's for you, Karen & Chrissy!) are die-hard fans of Lost, so I thought I'd share this little tidbit. I know it's appalling, but *ducks* I have yet to watch a single episode. All the more appalling because Lost films right here in Hawaii. And downright unforgivable because Lost uses the DH's workplace to cook for and feed the cast and crew. The DH is the contact person the producers call to schedule time to use the facility. According to the DH, they're very easy-going and pleasant to work with. They cook way too much food and always invite the DH and his co-workers to eat with them. They were using this tent to barbecue some extra food. It doesn't look too impressive, but this was just to supplement all the other food they had already catered. Here's a shot of their trailers. DH said he saw a few of the stars the other day while they were getting their lunches. We're so lame, we had to go online to figure out who they were. We *think* he saw Daniel Dae Kim (Jin), Harold Perrineau (Michael) and Josh Holloway (Sawyer). Then again, we can't really be sure since he deduced this in police line-up fashion using the cast photos. One of the producers gave the DH this shirt, too. How cool is that? (Though I'd admit, it'd probably be more cool if I knew what the show was about!) I asked the DH to snap covert shots of the cast so I could let you guys live vicariously, but he declined, saying it was unprofessional. You can go swat him now.

So there you have it: the good, the bad and the lost. No ugly?
Crossing my fingers that it's not the hoodie!!!


Karen said...

I can't believe that hoodie is really your first sweater. It's coming out really great and you look like a pro. Yes, I am blissfully ignoring the sleeve yarn math . . . . it just has to work out. (what, you want me to ask a really stupid question?) I don't suppose there's any way to try to get more? (duh, of course not, or you would have!!)

Thank you for the LOST portion of the post!! Wow, I thought you meant they came once . . . but didn't realize your DH talks to (and eats with) them all the time. Though it pains me to say it, I do agree with him that it wouldn't be quite professional to snap pictures of the stars for you blog. :( But be sure to let us know of any more star sightings!!

Lolly said...

Lost is so good, Chris! you have to catch up on it, especially with all of your connections to the show! My sis mentioned about it being filmed on Oahu--that is so cool! Maybe I will have a star-citing on my trip. I would recognize them because I am addicted to the show! (did I say you have to watch it, yet?) hehe

Ewok sleeves? what exactly would that look like? I am very curious. I think the hoodies is looking great.

you know, I would love to meet you when I visit... perhaps we could do lunch one day or something? we could do an LYS trip? let me know if you are interested! I will be there 2 weeks from tomorrow :)

keohinani said...

omg! my blog friend's DH indirectly works with celebrities! that's almost as good as the time when i went to school with a girl who's dad was on the film crew for Jurassic Park! haha. gotta love Hawaii where you got the whole "my friend's dad knows somebody's uncle whose sister works with that movie producer's caterer!" and you can still feel like you're all in with the celebs! anyways, you might have to make 3/4 sleeves on that sweater...though i hear blocking does wonders. :) i think it will be BEAUTIFUL! loving the color. too bad i can't buy any of that yarn from elann. i do have yarn i could use in my stash to make a sweater. i might just try to start that endeavor whenever i finish some of the other crap i have on my to-do list. hehe. i said "crap." don't let Bossy Boots read this. :(

keohinani said...

btw, you might want to check some of the buttons on your sidebar. they link to the photo url, but not to the site url. fyi :)

Jen said...

Hmm, I think that sudden loss of sanity is catchy when it comes to denial of yarn amounts necessary to complete a project. I did the same thing with my great-grandmother's shawl.

I felt like you were having one of those Hollywood moments people talk about when they visit LA and have a close encounter with the celebrity kind... but wait, don't you live in Hawaii?

myra said...

I don't know much about knitting, but I hope it all works out in the end for your hoodie.

Reminds me of when I bought fabric to slipcover our sofa and got more than half way through and discovered I needed more. Go back to the store, and of course they don't have any more.

How cool that your DH has a Lost connection!

emy said...

To date, my hubby won't let me forget that I mis-taped (yes, we still use the VCR from the dark age) and missed 2 episodes of the show.

And we in Singapore get an episode a week!

knittinmom said...

Well, I'm not sure how my name got associated with Lost, because I've only watched it once...but it's pretty cool that your DH is associated so closely with the show! I'm such a celebrity ho - the only magazine I read religiously is People (and that's mainly for the star gossip).

I think 3/4 sleeves on the hoodie would look great, especially since you live in a nice warm climate!